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Hello, and welcome home to Firefall Lodge at Yosemite National Park! We provide year-round lodging with convenient access to more fun than you can shake a stick at. And up here, you can shake a pretty big stick.

We’re proud to offer this unique two-story, 3 bedroom, 2500 sq ft. home, which quite comfortably sleeps 8 and has recently been remodeled!

When we say convenient, we mean it. We are located near everything. Okay, not everything. Crazy Horse Memorial is 1,457 miles away and if you’d like to visit South Dakota, we would certainly recommend different lodging. (Really, just ask us.) However, we are near everything you would want to do and see, in or around our wonderful 748,436 acres of Yosemite National Park. That’s a lot of park. In fact, that’s larger than the state of Rhode Island! So, you should expect a little travel time depending on your day’s adventure.

Our continuing mission is to offer guests lodging with a level of comfort and convenience that will satisfy even the most distinctive traveler. From security night lighting to convenient charging ports to the softest blankets you’ve ever used, we’ve got you covered.

We can be pretty particular when it comes to aesthetics, functionality and our guest's experience. We started Firefall Lodge from the ground up, which includes custom hand-crafted furniture, new mattresses for every suite and of course quality bedding. We've put time and thought into every choice and always from the guest’s perspective. We're continually asking, “How can we make this a better experience for our guests?”

Our goal is to provide that “home away from home” type of comfort and convenience without it feeling like you’re in a stranger's home. We don’t like feeling as though we’re intruding in someone's personal space and we don’t think you should either. This is your time up here. Your vacation, your space, your place.

It would be our pleasure to welcome you home to Firefall Lodge at Yosemite National Park.

A few features you'll find unique to Firefall Lodge:

Firefall Creek - We have a year-round creek that flows through the property. Kick the windows open during the Summer and fall asleep to the sounds of falling water. You won’t be able to go fishing or swimming here, but if that’s your pleasure, we’ve got you covered nearby.

Rainbow Lake - The creek flows into nearby Rainbow Lake, which is located across the way, with easy access from a shared path. The pond, err...the lake is best enjoyed from the Lodge where you can listen to its natural inhabitants during Summer evenings.

Great Blue Herons - Speaking of local inhabitants… Spring and Summer are a great time to sit on the patio and watch the Great Blue Herons that nest in the tallest Sugar Pine overlooking the pond. What’s that? You don’t know how to identify Blue Herons? They’re the ones in the sky with the five to six-foot wing span. Yeah, no kidding. You’d be forgiven if you mistake them for the elusive Sierra Pterodactyl.

Covered Wood Deck - During the Fall and Winter, when it might be raining or snowing, you can still take in the outside and enjoy the sounds of nature with the stillness of the mountain forest.

Generator - No matter what season you’ll be traveling in or what the weather might bring, you’ll sleep soundly knowing your vacation won’t be spoiled by power outages. Our whole house generator automatically turns on when the power goes out and you’ll continue enjoying your stay without interruption.

Luxury Sheets - Our standard sheets are gratis - and they're great for most people. Whether it’s a special occasion (and really...just being in Yosemite is a special occasion) or a much-deserved vacation, we also have a Luxury Sheet option. Italian milled, 500-thread count Egyptian cotton sheets from Snowe. We think these might be some of the best sheets you’ll ever sleep in. You can add it to your booking in the "add-ons".

Yosemite Conservancy - Need a reason to feel even better? We take care of the places we love and play. Portions of your stay are donated to the Yosemite Conservancy to provide continued support for our park and its future.

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